Working for vets in the RI General Assembly
A message from Robert Lancia
I had high hopes for The Wholly Waffle project. Despite putting much time, energy and funds into my vision of starting a waffle restuarant that would employ returning veterans, I have put the project on hold.

Getting the restaurant off the ground hinged on funding. Despite publicity and appeals to funding sources, including a crowd-funding campaign, my efforts did not yield the results I strove for. The money raised fell short of the goal.

This project remains something I still want to pursue, but realistically cannot without adequate seed money.
It's currently on hold due to my on-going work in the General Assembly.

My strong commitment to vets is unchanged. What has changed is my method of helping military veterans. Since election to the RI General Assemply in 2014, I have worked on pro-veteran legisltation and initiatives, and I introduced legislation and resolutions that yielded these results:
  1. After introducing a bill that would have made a veteran's entire military pension not taxable, the Assembly passed legislation to provide veterans with a small tax break. They now are not taxed on their first $15,000 of income for incomes up to $80,000 if single and up to $100,000 if married. I even offered a floor amendment to exempt military pensions from taxation. This was defeated.
  2. I introduced Gold Star Parent license plate legislation. Assembly leadership did not want to pass my bill, which would recognize me as the author, but did include funding in the general budget to enable the license plate program.
  3. In January, I had 2016 declared Year of the Vet via a House Resolution. The effort created buzz and was covered by the Associated Press.
The fight goes on. Thank for your understanding and your continued support.
Robert Lancia
State Representative, District 16, Cranston
Member, Veterans' Affairs
Member, Health, Education and Welfare Committee

Rep. Robert Lancia

25 Church Hill Drive
Cranston, RI   02920
t. 401-944-3315