Chaplain Bob Lancia

Bob Lancia offered to go on active duty as a Navy Chaplain at age 39 1/2.  His career involved many firsts including serving as the first exchange Chaplain with the Canadian Military. He also graduated "live" on the Hour of Power television program in the first doctoral class under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral in Grove City, CA.

Bob was a Lieutenant Commander, up for Commander, in 2002 while serving with the marines in Camp Lejeune, NC, when he shattered his right shoulder. He had been preparing to go to Iraq with these marines.

10 years and 24 surgeries later, (including procedures on his left shoulder and both knees) and despite being a 100% disabled Vet, he has become a RI Representative in the General Assembly where he fights for veteran and good government issues.